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Weekly Community Activity Round-Up! (1/22/2021)

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Another Friday, another weekly Round-Up. So much good stuff, enjoy!

Hackathon for the Web

The #grantreports are coming in fast & furious. We encourage you to check out the hashtag and dive into the amazing work happening. In this report Uchi Uchibeke details his work running a Web Monetization category as part of the AfricaHacks Hackathon. The level of detail and transparency here is impressive!

A DEV to WM Community cross-over

Love how Abhinav Chawla cross-posted his blog from DEV to this community and shared his work from the #gftwhackathon where he deep dives on his exploration of adding WM to README code documentation.

Adding WM to Decentralized Publishing

Phoebe Poon gives an important update about how they have begun to integrate WM into their WordPress plugin. Excellent documentation here for others to use, love all the links! They need contacting/working with Uphold. Any ideas or connections for them?

3 wins Web Monetization needs to succeed in 2021

Jeremiah Lee shares his video on where he thinks WM needs to go in this new year. Lots of thought provoking yet common sense ideas here. All working in this space should give this a watch. (Also note: We are working on getting a liquid tag for Cinnamon Video!)

Welcome new GftW Ambassador Kokayi!

"As a career creative, many conversations that I have had regarding creativity and technology revolve around the ideas of access and equity. Far too often creatives are brought in to connect industries and leverage relationships, becoming early adopters and proliferators of those same industries, moving a brand, product, or concept into being a cultural mainstay and then are limited in both their pathways to maintain control of their art and the ability to become stakeholders."

MG.Social Rocking the series.

We love what MG.Social is doing here for three reasons 1) They are using the series method to tell a longer story and collect it in one place ands 2) They are working in the open and sharing their progress with the rest of the community. 3) Experimenting with bringing WM to mobile! By the way, learn how to do a series here

Become a Dragon!

Here is GftW Ambassador Cris Beasley's final report. We plan on using her findings in some upcoming discussions about what content creators are seeing (and not seeing...) from Web Monetization soon, but we wanted to take a moment and plug her amazing Becoming Dragon card deck. Becoming Dragon is a card deck to help you navigate the most challenging emotions from shame to despair, from envy to anger.

Ok, that is it for this week, feel free to reach out and suggest a post to highlight next week.

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Jeremiah Lee

Thank you for including me! Exciting times!

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Mathew Safford

Thanks for giving us a shout out! We are so excited to be a part of this community.