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Weekly Round-Up September 17

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Hey there folks, now that we are full steam ahead, remember to set your clocks to check out our weekly round up, posted on Friday afternoons. Here are this weeks happenings in our Community Space…

Five New Grant for the Web Awardees Announced

This week we introduced our five new awardees, Free Code Camp , Little INKPLAY Shop, Addis Futures Lab , The Black Artist Collective & Carolyn Malachi. Each project explores Web Monetization in the fields of culture, art, and technology, all while introducing more people to the idea of better business models for the web. Please give them a warm welcome and be sure to follow them.

Simple and composable Web Monetization advanced features with Webfunding.js

Grantee Radhy Ramadhan Simple and composable Web Monetization advanced features with Webfunding.js
Radhy from ProgNovel discusses Web Monetization advanced features like revenue share and removing ads and accessibility or everyone to set up on their own websites and how it’s going to work. - A guide for integrating Coil & Web Monetization APIs for creatives doing the job once (community post)

Gavin of Qwyre gives us insight into two types of developers: journeymen and creatives. Journeyman gains experience through repetition while creatives develop software as a means to express their idea. Gavin shares his guide here for integrating Coil & Web Monetization APIs is written for creatives.

Erica Hargreave Sustainable Funding Series — Final Grant Report

In her final reporting, Erica discusses how future projects will benefit from this work. She talks about big wins throughout the process while discovering and becoming a part of a community that was trying to solve the same problems that she and Lori Yearwood had been seeing for years around broken funding pathways for creatives that were fraught with inequities. While trying to find different pathways around this problem for our own projects, our media students, and the broader media and storytelling community that we've been building.

And a special thanks to Erica for helping Grant for the Web build our assets library, thank you!

Live Streaming from Sweet Life Records — Final Report

Kyle Ricketts shares in his final report some successes, some failures, and ultimately have learned so much from this awesome experience.

Kult Project Update #2

Patrick Rahy of Kult shared the latest August product updates [JustWatch} ( free API, new discover page, a million books via Google Books free API, several design improvements and what’s next for the project in September

Free Music Archive Insided FMA - Chapter 5

Posted by Meghan Laclé In this short article, FMA Team shares inside updates, outcomes and follow ups related to the rebuild of the global iconic music service: Free Music Archive The mission remains clear; create sustainable spaces & systems in favor of independent creators to continue creating and sharing original music online.

Interledger Foundation hiring for three roles

The Interledger Foundation, the non-profit home of Grant for the Web, is growing with 3 new positions, Community Manager, Senior Technical Writer and Junior Technical Writer. Click link for more details..

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radhyr profile image

Thanks for the highlight Ayesha!

Webfunding.js in my post has been updated to include the new WebMonetization chaining class in its latest version! If anyone willing to try the feature in my post can be installed through NPM with npm i webfunding and start experimenting with it! (Though unfortunately I haven't updated the documentation since this update is subjected to change and not stable yet for production)

ayeshaware profile image
Ayesha Ware

@radhyr thank you for the update and looking forward when you get to production