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Your Weekly Round Up!

This week we highlight grant opportunities, our first skill share, show appreciation to a community member and more….

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Let’s continue to create a supportive network to help grow our Web Monetization ecosystem.

Call to action grant/funding opportunities

Community Member Victoria Coker shared a few opportunities for grant funding from XRPL Grants, Ripple Creators Fund and LG NOVA...

For more about these opportunities or to share additional information, please drop a line in the thread.

ProgNovel inspired Plug-ins

Radhy R shares his process with plug-ins in this ProgNovel project update

Hi guys.
I have bundled up some of components I use in my project ProgNovel and published it at github as Web Component. There are few problems I encountered during porting the plugins from Svelte to Web Components but I managed somehow. There are three of them for now, only one that's related to Web Monetization which is Instant Affiliate Link generator for imitating affiliate marketing with only Web Monetization and a little bit know how of JavaScript.
Keep up the good work Radhy!

Reports are rolling in, grant projects share their progress

Xander Jake de los Santos details the progress happening on the project....

We have the minimum viable product of the webapp. It still needs some polishing but it is at a useable state. We don't think it's quite ready for the public though. There's a lot of bugs that need to be fixed before it's good enough for the world to see.
We are on track with our objectives. The core features are built, and the next step is to get feedback from a handful of users. We plan to do this in October, periodically try to get feedback as we build and polish features.

James Casia of the Fliptoons project hosting web monetized Comic Challenge and more in Grant Report #1

We're currently developing the minimum viable product and is already hosting the Web Monetized Comic Challenge. For those who don't know, the Web Monetized Comic Challenge is a 3-month long competition that aims to invite artists from all over the Philippines to publish and monetize their webcomics using the privacy-respecting web monetization standard. This competition also challenges artists to create comics that shed light on the privacy invasiveness of ads and the problems surrounding them.

Janos Farkas of CLink Media Inc writes about Web Monetization for Authenticated Content and Rightsholders in Grant Report #1

Glad to report that we leaped ahead towards our goals. 2021 has brought has shown a significant traction in content monetization though the Non Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem. NFT’s reached sales of over $10 Billion in Q3 2001. In spite of their financial surge the current NFT marketplaces bear many deficiencies; rely in large degree on unsubstantiated (blind) trust that leaves participants exposed to loss from: (i)unauthenticated assets, (ii) actors who's identity are not independently verified, (iii) lack of persistent or verifiable bindings between the NFTs and the assets, to name a few. We have demonstrated solutions for these issues and some others and will feature those to the community in our SkillShare presentation this month (to be announced).

John Asafo of the Code Angel project discusses developing Question & Answer website in Grant Report # 1

Let me start by introducing Code Angelz, which is a developer based Question and Answer website. That allows registered users to ask questions in real time and the developers who answer the questions are rewarded with micro-payments.
As far as the timeline goes I probably about a month behind where I expected to be, although we have a basic CMS working to control the website and some functionality of the Question and Answer site there is still a bit to do make it polished.
The main problem I had initially I found it hard to find good developer contractors that would do the amount work I required for the budget that I had.

Lawil Karama brings us up to speed on the Snake Nation platform in first grant report

Here we are finally updating everyone on our progress report, it has been a couple of very busy months with a lot of research, conversations and the continuation of the build of our project, dubbed "making our wallet ILP capable" started off as a noble idea to allow creatives on the Snake Nation platform to participate in WM without needing an additional crypto-wallet to handle ILP earnings.

Nic Wistreich talks web monetization in MOVA projects Grant Report #1

MOVA was developed to help filmmakers and video rights-holders explore and adopt Web Monetisation and open video through several activities. Cascade and CiviSplit hopes to incentivise wallet creation by automatically paying out royalties and expenses, like a virtual collection agent. MOVA is a desktop app, running a shared database/ledger to support the goal of ensuring the right person is being paid for a video. Alongside this are a number of smaller activities that overlap these core developments.

Andy Baio writes [Skittish] final report,

Hello again, GTFW/Web Monetization Community! I'm Andy Baio, the founder of Skittish a playful virtual space for online events. In case you're not familiar with it, Skittish is a colorful game-like 3D environment where you play as cute animal avatars and talk with your real voice using stereo spatial audio.
We've built a product that I'm really proud of and have run tons of events, big and small, ranging from big conferences, a film festival, a game design camp, internal corporate events, unconferences, and casual meetups. Thousands of people have been invited to Skittish's private beta, and it's been used for several Web Monetization/GFTW events, which has been great to see.

A special thanks to Andy Baio for his continued support and work with Grant for the Web, we truly appreciate you! See you soon on the Skittish virtual space.

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You can read more about each of these exciting projects at the links provided above.

Our first appreciation post

On Thursday, we showed appreciation to one of our community members, Janos Farkas who hosted Grant for the Web’s first Skill Share.

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Head over to that thread and take a moment to show your fellow community members some appreciation!

See y'all next week!

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