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Your Weekly Roundup

We are back with another roundup! This week, Web Monetization tips from Erica Hargreave, Kult at Websummit Lisbon 2021, grant reports, community appreciation, and there’s still time to register for our upcoming Community Call.

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Web Monetization, class is in session

Erica Hargreave takes us to school with these helpful tips

The need for educating others about the Web Monetization Standard has been a common realisation among Grant for the Web grantees as they have begun to share their Web Monetization projects, and turned their focus to encouraging others to adopt Web Monetization. It has surprised many at what a big and important job education is in fostering understanding and adoption of Web Monetization.

Speak to your community in terms that they understand, thinking about word choices that lend to the positive change that we as a community aim to inspire. Free Music Archive's did some research into this, looking at how others in community are referencing Web Monetization. Discover more in their post, FMA Explores How To Introduce Coil To Users.

Some of the easiest to understand descriptions of Web Monetization are the visual ones, that illustrate the concept of Web Monetization. To demonstrate this, we have shared some of the Web Monetization visualisations created by Coil, Veethika Mishra, Creative Living for Dancers, Artist Rescue Trust, and Food Rescue Alliance below. Utilize previously developed Web Monetization graphics (with permission, credits and link backs) in your Web Monetization educational endeavours or use them as inspiration in creating your own Web Monetization illustrations. One free digital tool that will help you in creating such graphics is Canva. We'd also recommend checking out this zine created by Decentralization Off the Shelf, Dear Decent, Money in My Browser!??

Kult represents at Websummit Lisbon 2021

Patrick Rahy for Kult shares highlights from the Web Summit

Last week, our team represented Kult as an Alpha Startup in one of the biggest technology and innovation conferences in the world, Web Summit πŸš€
During the 4 days of the event, we were focused on networking, improving visibility and expanding Kult's horizons as a brand, startup, and product. It was an honor to be part of such an incredible event, full of relevant talks, diversified content and precious knowledge from global leaders across the market.

Congrats to Kult for representing their work in Web Monetization.

Grant Reports, a blast from the past

Today we revisit a few final reports from some of our past grantees

First up, Lior Zalmanson

The project stemmed from the need to address the current challenges of content creators to attract and retain users and make their content work sustainable.
In a trend called "creator economy," creators currently develop monetization strategies in the hppes of covering their costs and allowing them to continue creating high-quality content.
We decided to rethink the different relationships content makers can foster with their community/individual users. Moreover, we asked what is the role of UX features in developing such relationships.

Up Next, Rashon Massey

This project showed that web monetization just isn’t the best fit for everyone, even for existing content creators with thriving communities; moreover, for some content creators, preexisting terms of engagements that rule over their established online communities proved to hinder their ability to move forward with incorporating web monetization tools via Coil and Cinnamon.

And last but not least, Alexander Mozeak

When we first set out to work on Gib, we approached it using the product thinking process that we usually use to provide solutions to our general clientele. That is, we laid out a product roadmap, undertook a feasibility analysis, devised user personas, and diagrammed the user flows. Even as we carried out our work, though, we came to the realization that this project was like none either of us had worked on before.

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