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Weekly Round-Up Post! (April 23rd, 2021)

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The research, prototypes, product releases, and general momentum of the community have jumped an intensity level recently, and we are here for it!

Much of this is due to GftW grantees getting deeper into the work but it also speaks to an overall advancement of this technology and how to use it. This week we are highlighting some of what is that fast-growing body of collective knowledge.

The research actually says...

Denisa Reshef Kera is a Senior Researcher at Tel Aviv University working on the project Effect of Monetization Visibility on User Behavior and has been posting must-read research about how users want to interact with Web Monetized content. They are looking for more projects to partner with on research. Is that your project?

Dive into the Understory

Travis Vachon announces a new name/brand and invites all of us to give their exciting new non-linear storytelling & brainstorming tool a test drive. Details on testing in the post. They are looking for some peer assists on how to do user flow and messaging around having to have users navigate Uphold, Coil, and their platform. Who can help?

Ballet TV

Casey Herd from Ballet Rising talks about new video content he has produced talking to some of Ballet's new stars. These videos look and sound fantastic while sharing compelling stories. These are great examples of how high-end documentary-style content can be served by Web Monetization. Jump in the post's discussion for thoughts on how to best spread and share WM video.

The community garden is growing

Community member Radhy jumped into a recent bounty issued by Kendraio App and started working on a way to integrate the Audiotarky API. This post describes that journey on both a technical and personal level. We loved the writing in this post!

Web Monetize your Phaser built web games

Richard Davey has been on fire lately. We are ecstatic that WM is now going to be available in the Phaser game engine! Here is an earlier report as well.

A code library of Web Monetization JS Helpers

Nestor Campos files his team's final report and produces a useful library for developers inserted in Web Monetization. How can the GftW program team better highlight these libraries?

Welcome David Lockie!

GftW and WordPress about to get a lot more aligned!

Header image: Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

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